#Smothered #Cheesy #Sour #Cream #Chicken

Smothered Cheesy Sour Cream Chicken
#Smothered #Cheesy #Sour #Cream #Chicken

#Smothered #Cheesy #Sour #Cream #Chicken

This family friendly smothered tacky sour cream chicken dish is brief, smooth, and scrumptious! There’s only ten minutes of prep time and then the oven takes care of the relaxation!

This publish is backed through hood® sour cream. All critiques are my personal. Thank you for supporting the businesses and types that make a dish of every day existence feasible!

When it comes to feeding my family, i’m all approximately clean. These days between jogging the gym, and the sports activities schedules, i barely have time to respire, let alone spend hours inside the kitchen. However i still need to position a good meal at the table…one that everybody will like.

We try to devour collectively as a family while absolutely everyone is domestic, but from time to time it simply doesn’t exercise session with schedules. Right now i have  kids domestic for the summer season and one residing in an apartment up at her faculty who is inside and outside sometimes on weekends.

The night i served this smothered tacky sour cream fowl, each person ate at separate instances. My teenage son had it proper out of the oven, and he proclaimed it very good. He’s not a choosy eater, however my kids, having grown up next door to my in-legal guidelines, who're awesome chefs, have turned out to be foodies. So when i get a remark like that, it definitely manner something. My daughter had it for leftovers, and requested her father tomorrow who made the chook because she virtually appreciated it. And my husband enjoyed it as well! Rating one for mother inside the kitchen.

I really like it whilst a meal is a win all around. It’s so difficult to please each person in a circle of relatives of five.

Bitter cream is the star of this recipe, and it’s a staple in my house, so permit’s speak a bit approximately why you might need to cook dinner with it.

What's bitter cream? Is it healthful?

Bitter cream is made through adding lactic-acid generating bacteria to cream, which sours and thickens the cream. I in my view love the tangy flavor, however it’s additionally an amazing addition to a healthful food plan. No longer simplest is it a source of healthy fats, but it consists of protein and a number of essential nutrients as nicely.

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