#Cheesy #Chicken #Stuffing #Casserole

Cheesy Chicken Stuffing Casserole
#Cheesy #Chicken #Stuffing #Casserole

#Cheesy #Chicken #Stuffing #Casserole

Tacky chook stuffing casserole ~ soft, juicy hen breast crowned with cheese and stuffing! Quick, smooth weeknight recipe!

Mmmmm stuffing. Stuffing all the things this time of 12 months. I love stuffing! Especially my scrumptious crock pot stuffing that’s been surpassed down from my aunt. I’m form of excessive renovation in relation to stuffing. I’m sure you're thinking that i really like some high-quality complex, filled complete of different flavors stuffing. Nope. Traditional selfmade stuffing for me all the manner!

And to think that i used to show my nose up at the concept of stuffing. I’m any such weirdo. Now pumpkin pie, that i’ll nevertheless flip my nose up at. I’m a whole lot more of a chocolate pecan pie type of person or clean pumpkin unload dessert sort of female. Now those i’ll just dig into with a fork!

But allow’s face it. We aren’t approximately to make a turkey and stuffing dinner each time we're craving a bit stuffing. It’s simply now not practical if our lives is it? Now, i found out that apparently some humans do that and that’s just pleasant! I used to be telling a high college classmate that i had never made a turkey before. For the report that modified this fall, but as of then i hadn’t. She about fell over.

She’s like, you're a blogger and you in no way made a turkey? She said she craves it after which makes one regularly. Equal with mashed potatoes. Mmmm not me! I ignored that boat! She had continually told me that i was a higher cook than her. I encourage to differ with that declaration. I suppose she can deal with her own from the sounds of it!

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