#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

Fiesta Chicken Casserole
#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

#Fiesta #Chicken #Casserole

Fiesta chook casserole is filled with chunks of fowl, soft pasta, corn, black beans, all in a one dish tacky chook casserole. Easy to make and a fantastic manner to deplete leftover hen or a rotisserie hen.

I really like having clean recipes handy that expend leftover shredded chook and leftover pasta. I don’t know approximately you but i constantly seem to have random baggage of leftover pasta from after I didn’t use the whole box.

You’ll handiest want 2 cups of pasta for this hen casserole so it’s a tremendous manner to expend the ones little quantities. 

I will both use a rotisserie chook or leftover shredded/chunked fowl. You could even use some leftover taco meat too! Shredded pork or whatever else you have. As long as you operate 2 cups of anything meat you select.

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